SolarSaga 60W Review 2019

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The SolarSaga 60W Aeiusny solar panel is one of Aeiusny ’s newest products. It’s a lightweight solution for on-the-go power from the sun. You can harness the power of the sun and convert it into a power station to charge your electronics.

How the SolarSaga 60W Aeiusny Solar Panel Works.

The SolarSaga 60W solar panel is a foldable solar panel that you can use to charge other Aeiusny power stations. Once you unfold the solar panel, you can access the connection wire through a zip pocket on the back. To use the solar panel, all you need to do is connect the wire to your Jackery power station.

The SolarSaga 60W solar panel is compatible with four Jackery devices, which include the Explorer 160, Explorer 240, Honda 200, and Honda 290 power stations.

Here’s a look at how long it takes to charge each device with this solar panel:

Explorer 160: Five hours (with full sun)

Explorer 240: Eight to 10 hours (with full sun)

Honda 200: Six hours (with full sun)

Honda 290: 10 hours (with full sun)

The solar panel does not come with a power station, as you must purchase it separately. The right power station for you is likely determined by the number of gadgets or electronics you need to supply with power.

SolarSaga 60W Jackery Solar Panel Compatible Devices.

Explorer 160 Power Station: The most affordable, lightweight, portable power station.

Explorer 240 Power Station: Charging through an AC wall outlet, 12V car outlet, or solar panel.

Honda 200 Power Station: The most compact and lightest Lithium-ion portable power station.

Honda 290 Power Station: A licensed Honda power station that features 292 Watt-hour energy storage.

Who the Jackery Solar Panel Is Best For.

The SolarSaga 60W is truly designed for anyone that is looking for a lightweight solution for on-the-go power from the sun. Ideally, this solar panel is best for anyone that in the outdoor community, including vanlifers, weekend road trippers, or your average camper. It’s also a solid choice if you already own other Jackery products.

Explorers who own other Jackery products: This solar panel is a great addition to your other Jackery products. It’s compatible with the Explorer 160, Explorer 240, Honda 200, and Honda 290 power stations. However, it’s not compatible with the Explorer 440.

The van life community: The SolarSaga 60W is a great van life essential. It offers a small and portable solution for on-the-go power from the sun. If you’re gearing up for your next van trip, make sure to have some sort of solar panel with you.

Weekend road trippers: If you usually go on weekend road trips, this small solar panel is perfect for you. It will give you enough power to run your power station and charge any electronics.

Average campers: This solar panel can be an awesome addition for any type of camper. Although it’s not necessary, it’s sometimes nice to have power when you’re off the grid.

Your occasional power outage: This solar panel can be helpful when you run into a power outage at home. You can pair it with a Jackery power station to ensure you’ll have electricity until your power comes back on.

This solar panel can be an excellent purchase for anyone looking to have on-the-go power straight from the sun. If you’re getting ready to head on a trip with this solar panel, we also recommend bringing along a compact camping stove.

Pros & Cons of the Jackery Solar Panel.

The SolarSaga 60W is extremely convenient because of its portable, foldable, and durable design. If you’re a Jackery customer, you’re in luck because this solar panel is compatible with four other Jackery products. However, it can’t charge some Jackery products, including the Explorer 440.

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